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New Tupac Is Alive Conspiracy Movie By Close Family Friend

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Tupac Shakur was one of rap’s biggest crossover stars when he was alive in the 1990’s. However could it be possible the hip hop legend still lives today? There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding Shakur and the night he was murdered. New fans and 90’s music lovers have heard through the years different stories by people trying to cash in on the icon’s star power, however someone who is supposedly a close family member has created a new movie that explores his possible existence in 2020.

Filmmaker Rick Boss, who has ties to Pac’s family and friends, claims that the legend actually never died in Vegas and denies the official records that he passed away at the University Medical Center. Rick Boss says the Juice actor simply escaped to New Mexico and is highly protected to ensure he could live off the radar of people and the government.

“This movie is about Tupac actually escaping from the University Medical Center here in Vegas, relocating to New Mexico and getting protection from the Navajo tribe,” says Boss in an interview with KTNV Channel 13. Boss continues to state that Shakur knew there would be an attempt on his life, so he strategically planted a body double in Suge Knight’s vehicle before escaping the city by way of a private helicopter, knowing that he would be spotted at a public airport. “When certain FBI agencies are looking for you, the first thing that they’ll do is block the airport so you can’t travel out, so the best way to escape is through helicopters,” explains Boss.

Now is this just fiction by Boss as controversy creates cash as stated by former WWE employee Eric Bischoff use to say? “This is not fiction,” says Boss. “This is facts through certain people that I know.” Boss’ father reportedly knew Tupac’s mother and personally, he is associated with Snoop Dogg and other people in Tupac’s direct entourage.

The newscaster explains that FBI agents are unable to get onto tribal land without the tribal council’s permission, which is apparently why Navajo land in New Mexico made for the ideal spot to live his new life. Watch the video below and you decide if you believe Boss or not.