News Reacts To Hank Aaron Rumors Of Cause Of Death

WKRG NEWS Broadcast

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The passing of the legendary baseball hall of famer, Hank Aaron, is still a mourning situation that will last for decades just his records in major league baseball. Many people have paid homage to “Hammering Hank” and will indeed be missed worldwide.

The MLB star always wanted to be remembered more what he did off the field than on the field as explained in this interview from 2018 below.

Of course, it is hard not to remember how much he entertained fans for decades as he grew into an all-time great who was the “Home Run King”. Who could ever forget the accolades seen below?

As with anything in life, when people are grieving they want answers to a sudden death. This is the case with Hank Aaron as rumors started to hit online that his goodwill attempt to persuade the African-American community to take the covid-19 vaccines ended up costing his life. However, mainstream news looks into this situation to see if there is indeed any connection between the Morderna vaccine and the passing of one of the greatest players in the history of baseball.