Not too many talk shows that heavily feature hip hop artists seem to last in the long haul on television. In the past we have seen successful talk shows from Arsenio Hall try to reboot with no real success. When Nick Cannon announced his talk show, many people were expecting the charismatic artist from Wild ‘N Out to bring a new energy to talk shows in 2021 and 2022. He caught people’s attention when he was filling in for Wendy Williams talk show and television executives believed he would fare well with his own version.

According to The Sun and Page Six, the Nick Cannon Show has been canceled, but the staffing team has not received this information officially.

It is also being reported that some employees already knew of the show allegedly struggling. The stats were not impressive to those behind the scenes and many employees were already looking for new work. Page Six reported that Cannon was even in talks to permanently replace Wendy Williams, but  “the chatter went cold” due to the poor performance in ratings.

Nick Cannon‘s show was reportedly the “lowest-rated talk show” with “just 400,000 viewers” and “no signs of growth.” There were viral moments that spawned from the series, including Cannon’s revelations about fathering eight children with five different women. Other segments hosted candid conversations about sex as well as all-male panels to commentate on pop culture topics, but it reportedly wasn’t enough to bring in more viewers.

Even so, Cannon has not confirmed these reports just yet.  Despite the ratings issue, Cannon has entertained fans with old school artists and current trends in television. He recently had “Fresh Prince Of Belair” iconic DJ Jazzy Jeff and the new version from “Belair.” Check it out below.