Nick Cannon Interview Played A Part In Casanova Bail Denial

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The arrest of Casanova back in December has seen the rapper’s life take a turn for the worse.

He and his wife, Jasmere Corbett, have been trying to adjust as the couple have called out people they believe have vanished away from their life since the arrest. The charges being laid against Casanova include being a drug trafficker and a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang.

Casanova has denied the charges against him and has shared on social media that he’s sure that he’ll return home sooner than later. However, VladTV reports that the rapper has been denied bond once again, and it seems that Casanova’s previous interview with Nick Cannon was mentioned during his recent bail hearing.

The outlet reportedly obtained audio of the hearing where a prosecutor brings up Cannon and Casanova’s chat where the rapper said that he’s “still ape,” interpreted to mean that he’s a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation. With the information provided, the judge decided to keep Casanova under lock and key until his trial begins.

Yesterday (March 16), we reported on Casanova sharing his ire about not receiving support while in jail. “IF YOU AIN’T SEND ME NO MONEY OR CHECK IN ON ME AND YOU SUPPOSEDLY MY MANS, SUCK MY D*CK [eclamation point emoji] AND THAT GOES FOR ANYBODY!” Listen to the hearing in full below and catch highlights around the 8-minute and 42-minute marks.