Nick Cannon Looking For Atonement After Controversy

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Nick Cannon speaks out in an interview about his troublesome year with remarks that cost him dearly.

His Cannon’s Class broadcast with Professor X formerly of Public Enemy landed him in hot water, but Nick Cannon isn’t looking to be forgiven. Cancel Culture came for him from the higher ups for his commentary towards the Jewish community. He declared his comments “reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people and I feel ashamed of the uninformed and naive place that these words came from.”

A clip for his interview with Soul of a Nation appeared online. The Wild N Out star spoke about his experience and how he grew from the scandal. In the clip, he’s asked if he’s looking for people to forgive him for his comments. “I’m not seeking forgiveness, I’m seeking for growth,” said the actor. “I’m going through the process of atonement for growth and if someone during that process forgives me, then we have then grown together.”

Cannon also decided to speak on the reports that he was pressured to come forward and apologize. “I can answer this wholeheartedly. Who pressured me?” Cannon asked. “Ultimately I’ve always said that apologies are empty, apologies are weightless.” The clip cuts out before we could hear the rest of the statement, but you can catch the preview below.