Nick Cannon Reacts To Saweetie Baby Reactions


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Nick Cannon and Saweetie were trending on Sunday (November 7) after the “ICY GRL” rapper tweeted about wanting to have a baby a day prior.

Saweetie had tweeted, “I want some babies” and the Wild ‘N Out reality star had a reaction he claims was misconstrued by members on social media. Due to him having seven children, many assumed he wanted another with Saweetie.  This assumption is not without merit due to his past interview with Breakfast Club in August.

“I always used to joke around and I was like, ‘I want the 12 as in the 12 tribes.’ But if I got 10 to 12, I wouldn’t be mad at it,” said Cannon to the cast. He would go on to explain on his own show what he really was alluding to with Saweetie.

“I guess I was all over The Shade Room this weekend,” he says in the clip. “Again, I think I’m very much understood. Saweetie tweeted she wanted some babies and I just replied with some emojis. As an expert on babies, anybody who can speak emoji knows what that says.”

A person yells from the audience, “He ready!” but he rebutted the accusation, “No, that’s not what I was tryin to say. Take time for making such a big decision. That’s what I was really trying to say. All my ninjas are misunderstood. That’s all I’m trying to say.

“But of course I caught heat for the tweet. They was coming for me like crazy. One tweet said, ‘The celibacy clock is tickin.’ Somebody else tweeted, ‘Here comes Fertile Myrtle [laughs].’ But my favorite one, ‘Saweetie, girl run! Have you seen what he names his kids?’ Hey, I think my kids’ names are amazing … Shouts out to Saweetie. It was all in fun. No disrespect. If she’s ready to have kids, get to it queen. We rockin’ with ya.”