Nick Cannon Speaks About Ex-Wife Mariah Carey On His Show

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Nick Cannon speaks on his talk show about his thoughts on his relationships and love life.

The Nick Cannon Show, sees the entertainer bring on different celebrities to talk, however on this episode the star talked about himself. He spoke on celebrity relationships and breakups when he addressed in a joking manner the recent Kanye West and Kim Kardashian split drama.

“I was just tryna bring my Kanye energy. The difference is, Kanye really tryna get her back, ain’t he?” He continued, “Know what, I’mma get Kanye on the remix to my song. That’s what we gonna do.”

Nick Cannon also spoke of his own ex-wife, Mariah Carey, who is the mother of his children. The singer’s “Love Takes Time” was sampled by her ex-husband with the single “Alone.” Cannon was married to the iconic songstress a decade ago. The social media and mainstream media made assumptions that Cannon was asking for her ex. The “Alone” artist divulged his reasons for making the song.

“The song wasn’t really about trying to get her back. It was about taking ownership of what I did as a man. Ownership of my flaws and taking it, expressing it in a song.”

Check out the segment from The Nick Cannon Show below.

The tune opens with a clip of Carey’s 1990 ballad. “I had it all / But I let it slip away,” the iconic vocalist, 52, sings on the nostalgic hit. “I don’t want to be alone.” After Cannon echoes the chorus, he raps, “I say I’m cool when I know I miss it / I’d trade it all for the case / If I could have you back / If I could go back to where we started at.”