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Nicki Minaj Addresses Pregnancy Rumours

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Nicki posted a video of her and husband Kenneth Petty on a plane to her home country of Trinidad. What caught attention of viewers was Kenneth rubbing the stomach of the New York rapper.

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Of course, fans would jump online and speculate that Nicki Minaj was slyly telling everyone that she was now pregnant. However, this was the not the case. She let people know that she is “pregnant with so many ideas for this album”.

One user asked her straight up if she was pregnant or not, to which Nicki responded, “Why I feel like I’m about to get a beating? Y’all swear y’all my mother chile. I’m pregnant with so many ideas for this album. It’ll be my best.” When another fan asked why Kenneth keeps rubbing her stomach, she explained, “Babe u gotta ask him. He rubs my feet & my stomach. Ima tell him stop rubbing my stomach tho. Cuz chile…”