Nicki Minaj Claims Music Labels Do Payola To Diss Her Online

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Nicki Minaj believes the rap game needs a reminder that rappers are here to make music as she lies blames on labels.

Nicki Minaj rise to the top of the rap industry as the top selling artist has seen its fair share of controversy. The always competitive hip hop world has Nicki Minaj always on the lookout over who is trying to dethrone her domination over the last decade.

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Earlier this week, the New York rapper jumped on a live stream to discuss her belief that at least some of the hate sent her way online is paid for by the record labels of her competitors. The conversation took place on Tuesday (March 7). At the time, she was chatting with Rah Ali about the industry’s climate currently.

“Labels and management companies paying for viral tweets and paying for Nicki diss tweets. So now it’s kind of like, if I don’t remind them that we’re actually here to rap, who will?” she explained. Afterward, the Trinidadian artist said she doesn’t want to hear her name in the same breath as the other rappers. “Don’t ever put me in the same motherf*cking sentence, you know,” she ranted. “Don’t use my name.”

Nicki Minaj Calls Out the Industry

One of her most well-known feuds was with fellow rapper Remy Ma. In 2017, Remy Ma released a diss track called “ShETHER,” which was widely interpreted as an attack on Nicki Minaj. The song accused Nicki of using ghostwriters and suggested that she had undergone plastic surgery. Nicki responded with her own diss track called “No Frauds,” which featured Lil Wayne and Drake.

Nicki has also had feuds with other rappers such as Cardi B and Iggy Azalea. In 2018, she and Cardi B were involved in a physical altercation at a New York Fashion Week party. The incident reportedly started after Cardi accused Nicki of making negative comments about her parenting skills. Nicki later addressed the incident on her radio show, claiming that she had never spoken ill of Cardi’s child.

In 2014, Nicki also had a feud with Iggy Azalea, which started after Iggy won a BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. Some fans and critics felt that Nicki should have won the award instead, and Nicki appeared to allude to this in her acceptance speech for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. Iggy later responded on Twitter, accusing Nicki of being hypocritical and suggesting that she had used ghostwriters.

Throughout her career, Nicki has also faced criticism and controversy for various reasons, including accusations of cultural appropriation and homophobic lyrics. However, she remains one of the most successful and popular female rappers in the music industry.

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