Nicki Minaj Discusses Husband’s Attempted Rape Conviction

kenneth petty

Nicki Minaj has known her husband for years and they reunited a couple years ago and are now newly weds. The past life of Kenneth Petty is of concern to some of her fans as he served 7 years for manslaughter. Prior to that legal issue he did a four year bid for first degree attempted rape.

On her radio show, Nicki claimed Kenneth Petty was falsely accused regarding that crime, adding that the accuser wanted to recant.

On Queen Radio she stated, “And when the alleged accuser wrote a letter to the judge asking to recant the statements, she was told that she would go to jail for 90 days, allegedly, if she recants the statement.”

Nicki adds that Petty didn’t have enough money for bail.

“Because when you are in the hood at 15, you don’t have that kind of money and neither does your family,”