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Nicki Minaj – Do We Have A Problem? feat. Lil Baby

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Nicki Minaj appears to be on a mission to take out a target in a top criminal organization so she doesn’t become one herself, but things aren’t as they seem in the video for her new single “Do We Have a Problem?” The song features Lil Baby, who also stars in the clip alongside actors Cory Hardrict and Joseph Sikora.

In the just over nine-minute stylish visual directed by Benny Boom, Nicki stars as an agent who is informed about a meeting of top criminal organizations. “You can acquire rare items that money can’t even buy,” criminal Hardrict tells her as he’s being interrogated by her.


Nicki was evidently pretty impressed with Baby’s delivery on the track, praising the Atlanta native during a recent Instagram Live session.

“First of all, I want to just say shout out to Lil Baby,” Nicki said. “Y’all know I always keep it real about verses and all of that. Lil Baby, he might have… he might have got me!” She continued, “But listen, the point is: Lil Baby went super-duper hard—pause—and it’s so refreshing to see people still care about that type of stuff. I still care about it.”

Nicki continued, “I don’t think people didn’t know Lil Baby was nice, but I will say that he pleasantly surprises me all the time. This particular record was just another moment when you could just tell the difference when somebody knows they’re here for a long time.”

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
Tell ’em my niña, my bitch, she a rider
I got a shooter, and I got a driver
They want that heat, I’m the only provider
Little bad foreign bitch, word to Fivio
Niggas know the vibe, that’s worth a five, yo

Beef, we ’bout to resolve, yo
Pull up on an opp, do we have a problem?
Ayo Baby, let’s go