Nicki Minaj has been trending in the last few weeks for the thing she became famous for, rapping with witty lyricism. She has also reached out to the newer generation of rap with the likes of Coi Leray and Lil’ Baby. The New York rapper has shown that she is very capable of adapting to flows of today.

Her experience in the rap game gives her an advantage, but also it can be of great use for newer rappers. Her reign at the top of the rap fame for not only women, but also the men in invaluable since the early ’10s. When fans of this decade plus name top artists, she ranks right at the top with the record breaking Drake. The two have been friends for years and on Instagram Live, Nicki Minaj called out her original Young Money label mate for not following up on his gifts to her after learning he delivered a gift to Coi Leray.


In recent years, a new era has spawned female rap stars such as Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Coi Leray. In the conversation with Leray, she discussed the new artists. “Can you girls stop talking about hate?” Nicki asked. “Y’all have never experienced hate the way I have experienced. What y’all have experienced is nothing. Y’all have just experienced some of the growing pains of artistry and of social media. Y’all be thinking y’all have experienced hate and trust me, ya ain’t experienced it yet. A lot of y’all have gotten, not coddled, people have been nice. People have been gentle with y’all.”

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Elsewhere in the stream is Nicki Minaj announcing the return of “Come Up DVD.” The series is known for being the platform where fans first got a glimpse of the future rap superstar. At the time, she was managed by Fendi, the founder of the DVD series.