Nicki Minaj & Kevin Samuels Face Off On Instagram Live

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Nicki Minaj was on Instagram Live last night and finally caught up with Kevin Samuels.

Samuels has a popular Youtube channel that deals with relationship issues and dating. He speaks to black women who rate themselves out of the dating market by giving themselves too much credit and who are not willing to admit to their own shortcomings. He explains that there is tension between the genders due to women failing to adhere to the traditional role of a woman.

The modern day woman in his mind tends to play both the female and male roles that sometimes clashes with what men want and expect from their women. So, it was an interesting scenario when Nicki Minaj had Kevin Samuels appear on her Instagram Live.

She started off the interaction stating that she had always wanted to have a conversation with him. The female rapper has admittedly only watched clips of his show, but is not a fan of the “rating” system he goes by. As the conversation progressed, Samuels asked Nicki Minaj to rate herself. The New York hip hop star responded with a 7 and Samuels stated that is everyone’s go to number. He believes that number is used because it is not too high and not too low.


Kevin Samuels told the leader of The Barbz that she was a 9 because of her eyes and symmetrical face. He also informed her that he is an image consultant and understands that she deals with those type of professionals being in the entertainment business.

Samuels stated it is not based on race or European beauty standards and is based on how humans have evolved to find attractive. He says he has a reputation for hating black women, but he is far from that. The controversial figure says he has helped women get married, but that is not publicized.

Check out the video above to hear more between the two.