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Nicki Minaj Or Lil’ Kim? Greatest Female Rapper Of All Time

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Who Is The Greatest Of All-Time? New series where WWETV analyzes legends & icons that are considered to the G.O.A.T by peers and fans. This first episode takes a look at Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim. Who is the greatest between the two? This has been a long standing debate and WorldWide Entertainment TV has put together some analysis for YOU TO DECIDE by commenting under the video and also voting on the website.


Complex magazine rated Nicki Minaj as the number 7th hardest hip hop artist to beat in Verzuz battle. Ironically, the only other two female rappers to make the list was Missy Elliot who received a number 10 ranking and Lil’ Kim ranked at 16.


The publication stating, “Nicki Minaj has built a large, fiercely loyal fanbase due to high-energy performances, charisma on and off the stage, and a pure ability to tear a mic.  Not only does she have the catalog to dominate a Verzuz, but her stage presence alone would be enough to carry the whole show. It wouldn’t matter who was put in front of her; she would make sure her bout was the most memorable yet.”

Of course, Complex also gave Lil’ Kim her roses for what she has done for the world of hip hop and women. “Lil’ Kim is one of the most legendary, influential rappers of the ’90s and ’00s, and although her reign didn’t extend much into the later ’10s, she has far more than 20 great records to bring to the Verzuz stage,” was the kind words given. The artist’s influence is highly accepted as being a pioneer for women of today when the media outlet said, “She also has history on her side. Any artist that goes up against her has to appreciate how she influenced a whole generation of today’s rappers”.


Lil’ Kim let it be known that she is willing to put it all on the line in a Verzuz to show the world she is the “Queen Bee” during the red carpet event for BET Awards. She made it clear that she would do the popular event if she got the chance to face Nicki Minaj. So far, Nicki Minaj has not answered the public challenge.

So who you feel is the “Greatest Of All-Time?” between the two? Do you even consider them to be in the running when other rap stars that could make an argument include Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, Foxy Brown, Cardi B, Lauryn Hill, and so on?


The Greatest Female Rapper Of All-Time