Nicki Minaj “Prevails” in Jennifer Hough Lawsuit



It is being reported Black Tea Blog that Nicki Minaj has prevailed in one aspect of her lawsuit with Jennifer Hough. Earlier today the Certificate Of Default requested was denied, against Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj and her husband are both being sued for 20 million dollars by Jennifer Hough.

Kenneth Petty’s checkered past has come back to haunt him as Hough has made allegations towards rap star Nicki Minaj’s husband over sexual deviance. She hired a new lawyer to handle the legal issues surrounding the situation and her counsel had requested a “Certificate Of Default” which was denied because the married couple had not responded.

Hough was seeking $20 million dollars from Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty with the Certificate Of Default. For those uninitiated with what a Certificate Of Default entails, it generally pertains to a party must filing within twenty one days after being served with a summons and complaint. In other words, Nicki Minaj needed to respond within twenty one days of being sued by Jennifer Hough.

If the party does not respond, the suing person can file for a “Certificate Of Default” showing that you want a judge to grant your request because the person has ignored your claim.  The judge has denied Hough the “Certificate Of Default” against Nicki Minaj, but it still pertains to Mr. Petty. in another “Certificate Of Default”. This means Jennifer Hough will not be receiving any monetary compensation in the lawsuit. Check out more information of this situation below.