Nicki Minaj Purchases Nearly $20 Million Dollar Home

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It is being reported Nicki Minaj has purchased a new home just in time for the holidays with her husband Kenneth Petty.

Records reveal that the “Super Freaky Girl” rap star has finally bought a home after years of Los Angeles home rentals and decided to make a San Fernando Valley home in Hidden Hills her homely abode.  She’s paid $19.5 million for an all-new estate.

The house was built this year, was sold before it hit the market – meaning pics/vids is non-existent except she shares. It’s a 12,000 sq, 8 bathroom, 9 baths, 2 powder rooms, a guest house & pool side cabana. it sold “before listing on the MLS,” according to the property realtor’s remarks.

Hidden Hills has recently become a mecca for the rich and famous seeking residential serenity — particularly professional athletes and musicians .Danielle Nisim and Aaron Kirman of AKG held the Hidden Hills listing; Kirman and Matt Adamo of AKG repped the buyer.