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Nicki Minaj & Salt ‘N Pepa’s Love Hate Relationship

worldwide entertainment tvBlast From The Past takes a look at the history of the love and hate between Nicki Minaj and Salt ‘N Pepa. Salt-N-Pepa’s Cheryl James recently spoke with the Bizarre column of the The Sun.

She thinks female rappers should dress more conservatively and believes the current trend comes down to the impact of Nicki Minaj on the rap game in the last decade. “There was a long time when there were no women,” state the legendary hip hop artist.

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“There was a big gap and then Nicki Minaj came out and she led the charge. Then all these women started going behind her. “But there’s only a certain type and it’s overtly sexual.” Salt-N-Pepa shot to fame in the 80s, but the hip-hop group have always favoured a more conservative approach to fashion, especially in comparison to the likes of Nicki, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

WorldWide Entertainment TV takes a look at the odd back and forth of compliments and criticism by Salt N Pepa with Nicki Minaj. Includes interview segments with WWETV Network exclusive interviews with Kandy K, Melanie Durrant, Nichole Bess, Asianae, and Alicia Cinnamon.