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Nicki Minaj Trailer For “Real Housewives Of Potomac” Released

Nicki Minaj appeared comfortable during the reunion of Real Housewives of Potomac asking the reality stars questions.

Reality tv fans been anticipating the show’s reunion and also the iconic rapper’s appearance for weeks. Now the trailer has been released and the hype has been increased as viewers can’t wait to see the show.  There is an expected increase of viewership as well for the show with the hip hop artist’s involvement. This is something that could only be a positive for a show that already generates millions of viewers tuning in over the years for the broadcasts.
Some of those million of viewers include the Barbadian music icon and fashion mogul Rihanna. Nicki Minaj has tuned her fandom to the next level by asking the franchise to host it’s always zany reunion show. Nicki Minaj received her wishes and now the Barbz along with its regular viewership will be watching to see what questions rap star will asking the reality tv stars. You can check out a tease of what is to come.


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In the trailer, Minaj can be heard questioning the show’s cast and it sounds as if she was stirring things up. The rapper asked the ladies about having secret lovers, starting drama, one of their men “following a bunch of booty models,” and even was heard yelling, “We ain’t gettin’ away with that nonsense today, baby!”

They also show Minaj’s dramatic entrance at the end of the teaser that caused the cast to scream enthusiastically, and fans can’t get enough. Check it out below.