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Nicki Minaj’s Barbz Call Out Meek Mill Over Clubhouse Comment

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Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were once the hip hop power couple, but the relationship came to an end. At first it seemed it was going to be civil, but that didn’t end up happening when little back and forth tweets and comments showed the two had become bitter especially after Minaj hooked back up with her former boyfriend of decades ago.

Meek Mill is facing backlash for his comments about Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty, and their newborn baby on Clubhouse.

There is a segment of the hip hop population, majority of them apart of the huge Minaj following, believe that Meek Mill is not truly over his famous ex girlfriend. Last night, during his heated argument on Clubhouse, the new app that artists, music executives, and entrepreneurs are embracing, Meek mentioned Nicki Minaj, her husband, and their newborn baby, which was ammunition for the Barbs to completely go off on the Philadelphia rapper.

Speaking about The Shade Room, who posted an image pitting him against Kenneth Petty, Nicki’s husband, Meek said: “They had me up there. Me vs. Nicki’s boyfriend. Nicki just had a f*cking baby, I just had a f*cking baby. Who’s responsible for this bullsh*t?”

The video was cut short after it was probably realized that the conversation would end up on blogs everywhere. Of course, this ended up being the case as people on Twitter posted the clip.

As expected the online community had a lot to say about the comment and they gave their responses that you can see below.