Nicki Minaj’s Mother Releases New Song “What Makes You”

carol Minaj nicki minaj

Nicki’ Minaj’s mother has shown that maybe her multi-platinum daughter got some of her genes in terms of making catchy songs. Carol Maraj, has delivered a dance track called “What Makes You” and hopes it can make some waves in the music industry.

As reported by Bossip, the single by Carol Minaj was released on July 1st. Carol is a singer and not a rapper as her daughter. Nicki Minaj has not acknowledged the single as of yet, but people are expecting her to at anytime.


“If I had my way, she’d be singing gospel or something, but I wanted her to be whatever she wanted to be. I support her in whatever she would like to be.” Those are the words of Carol Maraj. Carol is a gospel artist, President of the Carol Maraj Foundation and a motivational speaker.

Carol Minaj speaks about her inspiration, her music, growing up in Trinidad and what its like being the mother of Nicki Minaj.