Nicki Minaj’s RHOP Clip On Candiace Dillard Singing Gets Blasted

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Nicki Minaj did not disappoint in bringing drama to the reunion of Real Housewives of Potomac, as she had a controversial take on Candiace Dillard.

Being one of the most successful female rap artists of all-time, Nicki Minaj believes she knows a thing or two about song making.  Her expertise in the music industry lend her to give her thoughts about the musical career of Candiace Dillard. The fourth part of the series is set to air tonight of Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion, November 28th, will provide viewers with some controversy on the broadcast.

Speaking of the song “Drive Back,” Minaj asked Dillard, “scale of one to 10, before that video came out, how successful did you think the song was going to be?” Before the singer could respond, Mia Thornton sassily chimed in, “negative two.” Dillard responded, “from a place of hater-ation,” to which Thornton said, “from a place of honesty, sorry.”

Of course, the cast ended up coming to her defense as her friend Karen Huger believed Candiace’s song deserved a 9/10 ranking. “Look, Candiace can sing,” she insisted. “It’s a nine for effort, it’s a nine for talent.” When it was her turn to speak, the Water in a Broken Glass actress revealed that her song has over half a million streams, was “number 24” on Billboard’s R&B chart, and “number four on iTunes.”

The Grammy-nominated artist acknowledged the importance of these numbers, then asked how long “Drive Back” has been out. When Dillard responded, “two months,” Minaj’s face shifted into a telling glance, which gives us a feeling that some drama will definitely be unfolding on tonight’s episode.

The mother of one dropped off a promo video on her Instagram page, writing “in about 4 hours. 8 PM EST. Tune in to Bravo. Btw, you know you that b*tch when they make the whole aesthetic PINK FOR YOU. Look @ how PRETTY THEY LOOK,” in the caption.

See the video for yourself below.