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Nipsey Hussle Murder Caught On Surveillance Camera, Possible Suspect Seen On Footage

Nipsey Hussle

Footage has been obtained by TMZ from a building near Marathon concerning the murder of Nipsey Hussle. In the video a person wearing a red shirt entered the frame from an alleyway on the left side of the screen. The actual shooting is not seen, but the footage does contain a victim collapsing to the ground which appears to be Nipsey and a group of people running from the scene.

It is not for certain that the gunman is one of those people running from the scene, but the person wearing the red shirt is not seen running from the scene.

It’s being reported that the shooter is described as a black male in his 20s and escaped in a vehicle that was allegedly driven by a woman.

There was also reports of a rapper named “Gaston” who ended up Cinco’s IG claiming to be the shooter in the killing of Nipsey Hussle. This allegation has not proven to be true at this moment.

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