Nipsey Hussle’s Family Opening 2 Marathon Clothing Stores

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Nipsey Hussle’s family is currently in the process of building the new Marathon clothing store in the Melrose arts district this year.

Nipsey Hussle was tragically killed outside of the Marathon Clothing store in March 2019, bringing his brief 33 years on earth to a cruel end. The murder took place at the intersection of Slauson and Crenshaw in South Central Los Angeles, the same neighborhood he called home.

His family is now planning to open “The Marathon Clothing store No 2” in Los Angeles this year. According to The Guardian, a second location will be opening soon.

Nip’s older brother, Blacc Sam said the family purchased a commercial property in the Melrose arts district in LA and the new store will be located here. “This second location is a dream that Nipsey always had, and it’s important that his kids are able to see his plans fulfilled,” Sam said.

Last year, the original store was subjected to a targeted secretive surveillance program run by the LAPD. In uncovered documents, the LAPD identified Hussle’s clothing store as a site for suspected gang-related activity since 2016. It’s unclear the full extent of the operation’s targeting of his family and business, but documents show police efforts were extreme.

The brothers’ businesses went through multiple iterations, until they launched The Marathon Clothing in 2017. Before its grand opening, Nip had considered moving the store to Melrose, where he thought they might have “fewer conflicts with police.”

The Marathon clothing store launched back in 2017. Not long after purchasing the property from the original landlord, Hussle was killed outside of the store. Though the shop was closed following his murder, his family received endless support from the online shop.