Noose Left in Black Family’s Backyard

NEWS - Inside Edition Report


The last year of riots and demand for social equality hit heights never seen since the early 90’s in Los Angeles due to the death of George Floyd.

Earlier this week, Derek Chauvin, was charged with a guilty verdict for all three counts in the murder of Floyd. As people applauded that justice was served, an incident occurred in Columbus as Mahkia Bryant lost her life after being shot down by police. The public seems to be divided on that situation due to Bryant wielding a knife towards another young girl.

As these incidents took place on the same day, a family in Los Angeles also has seen its own drama surrounding racism. A Black family in southern California made a terrifying discovery in their backyard earlier this week: someone had tied a noose to a tree. The family lives in Reseda, and wishes to remain anonymous.

One member told KCBS, “I was panicking, I thought they know where I live, they know that we’re Black.” The family believed someone cut through the fence in their yard to access the tree. The LAPD was called to remove the noose, and they are investigating the incident as a hate crime.