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Normani Gets Backlash For Kissing Chris Brown In Music Video

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Normani and Chris Brown’s new video is sparking responses from the public. Normani and Chris Brown teamed up for the new song warm embrace and social media is not here for it.

One Twitter follower brought up Brown’s past transgressions against women.

idk why the new rnb girls feel the need to collaborate with him. first ella mai, HER, chlöe, now normani. it’s disappointing. i can’t even say i get it bc he has repeated his behavior toward women, kicks darkskin women out of clubs he’s in and has made the same song since 2012


Somebody came to the defense of Normani and proclaimed how people will forget about this in a few weeks and get back to their life. The account also stated how celebrities such as Rihanna, Chloe, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lizzo have all forgiven him.

Making the point of, “Chloe got a collab w him. Normani in his video. Lizzo said he’s one of her fav ppl. Rihanna been forgave him and plays his music. Meg was blasting No Guidance more than her own song lmao. One day yall will realize your favs dont share the same “morals” as u (fake morals that is).” The rant would continue with the following.

Y’all are gonna selectively forget about this in a few weeks but when someone you don’t like works with him y’all will hold it against them for the rest of their lives. Please just shut tf up entirely and save us your complaining

Another Twitter user typed out the disdain towards the visuals and collaboration with the singers.

“Normani has actually pissed me off big time because why are you in that man’s music video, why are you working with him, you’re four years into your miserable solo career with no album out, releasing music at the pace of an Internet Explorer search result and instead you do this,” said the Twitter user.

The barrage of negativity had a comical theme to it as seen with the posts below. Despite this, the music video and song also receives praise.


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