Normani Speaks With Ciara On Ellen Show About New Album

Photo via Ellen Show

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Photo via Ellen Show

Ciara filled in as host for The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (Dec. 30), and guest Normani told her she’s “almost done” with her debut album.

The singer spoke about the pressures of moving on from her pop group “Fifth Harmony” to create a project all on her own.

“People underestimate how hard it is and how much effort we put into one project, one body of work. And coming out of a girl group, there was a lot that I hard to figure out about myself and fears that I had to deal with head on,” she said. “I was always so safe being in a girl group. I remember my mom when I was little, she was like, ‘Why do you want to be in a girl group so bad?’ Is it so you can hide?’ And I think that that was pretty much the answer. But God had other plans for me and by His faithfulness and His grace, He’s really, really kept me.”

Normani Speaks About Ciara Being A Role Model To Her

“That really meant a lot to me for you to be able to share that moment,” Normani said about Ciara introducing her performance. “You’re somebody that I’ve looked up to forever. I always felt like representation was so key. And being a little girl, in my grandmother’s living room, learning the ‘1, 2 Step,’ ‘Goodies.’ From literally the earliest memories that I have, you are a part of that and you really helped shape the woman and the artist that I could be. You opened my mind to those possibilities. Black girl magic!”


“I have to tell you something: Do you know what I was trying to channel?” she asked Cici. “‘Like a Boy.’ Me and Sean Bankhead, every time we would come into rehearsal, ’cause you know we love to brainstorm; me and Sean literally like to outdo ourselves and just become better and better. And he really pushed me. This was the first time I was in a pocket like that. You know I’m used to being feminine and queenlike. But that was the first time I took something on like that.”

Watch their interview below.

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