O.J. Simpson’s Goldman Lawsuit Balloons to $70 Million

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According to court documents, the Goldman family is owed more than $70 million by O.J. Simpson following a wrongful death lawsuit in 1997.

It was known as the “Trial Of The Century” which caught the pulse of the United States in the 1990’s. Decades later, O.J. Simpson is a free man after being locked up for an entirely different case. However, the family of Ron Goldman has not forgotten their “wrongful death” lawsuit that is owed by the former NFL great.

O.J. Simpson was recently seen taking his vaccination jab on social media as he was influencing others to do the same.

The NFL legend may have another thing to worry about besides the pandemic as TMZ reports that Fred Goldman, the father of the late Ron Goldman, has filed new court documents over O.J. Simpson. His son was stabbed and slashed to death alongside Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

According to Goldman, O.J. Simpson owes his family over $70 million from a court order dating back to 1997. Although Simpson was found not guilty and acquitted of charges in his highly publicized murder case, the Goldman’s did follow-up with a wrongful death civil lawsuit against him in 1997. They won the court issue and Simpson was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman family.

Fred Goldman alleges that twenty four years later, that his family has is owed money with interest on the initial $33.5 million which has only continued to accrue. The number has allegedly now hit $70 million. Time will tell if the family will be seeing any of this money from “The Juice”.