#OldSchoolSaturday 25 Years of Enter The Wu-Tang & Midnight Marauders

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On Friday November 9th, the hip hop world celebrated two milestones in its history. The historic Enter The Wu Tang (26 Chambers) made its debut 25 years ago. How else to mark another #OldSchoolSaturday than to look back upon one of the greatest rap albums ever produced? 

As A Tribe Called Quest gives a shout out to Wu Tang Clan for their monumental day, it is ironic they also are commemorating their historic Midnight Marauders album. 

“It’s a very important album for myself, being as though it was my first official transition into the music business, because I did the B-Side of the ‘Award Tour’ single, ‘The Chase, Pt. 2,’” he describes. “I was only like 16. It’s very dear to me.” 

Consequence – Rolling Stone Interview

The new sound that ATCQ brought to hip hop was an evolution of the Native Tongue sensation that was running wild on the scene at the time. The group with their unique vision took things to another level and hip hop history was made. 

Wu Tang Clan also brought something new to the table that was an evolution of something that was already in hip hop which was the multi man crew that was prevalent in the early days of hip hop such as Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. The difference with Wu Tang Clan was the group consisted of even more members than usual and all the rappers had their own unique style. The icing on the cake was they were not from the traditional hotbeds of New York rap such as Queensbridge or Bronx. They came out representing Staten Island. A documentary has been released on YouTube to commemorate the classic.

For The Children: 25 Years Of Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang came together on the day to perform the single “Protect Ya Neck” on Good Morning America.

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What do newer fans think of A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan classics? Watch below with King Guap reaction to the hip hop icons.

Scenario Reaction