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#OldSchoolSaturday – Bad The Original No Guidance?

mj vs prince

(WWETV Network) It’s a double dose of Venom today for #OldSchoolSaturday as I also take you down memory lane once again with Michael Jackson and Prince. Yesterday, Drake and Chris Brown, released the music video, “No Guidance” to end their years long rivalry.

Chris Brown and Drake are always at the top of the billboard charts and in the 1980’s and 1990’s, so were Michael Jackson and Prince. It was a pleasant surprise to see the two stars of the current era implement a visual that was originally an idea set forth by Michael Jackson. What does Venom mean exactly

drake chris brown

Michael Jackson was at the height of his powers when the album “Thriller” was breaking records and smashing ratings worldwide. It was a magical time when many of the future stars of entertainment were in awe of Michael Jackson’s creativity such as Diddy, who would become a dancer himself in the 1990’s.

So with the Michael Jackson hysteria at its boiling point in the larger than life 1980’s, it came time for Jackson to drop the follow up to his groundbreaking “Thriller” album. What Michael Jackson came up with was an idea to put his rivalry with Prince into visual form. He wanted his lead off single and music video to be “Bad”.

For the uninitiated, in terms of pop, the two practically defined the era and irrevocably changed the course of music history. The world was waiting to hear a collaboration between the two forces, but their dedication to be the best led the two to have friction. The video below demonstrates why these two did not get along. It was the opposite of the clash Chris Brown and Drake had due to their affection for Rihanna.

So when Michael Jackson approached Prince to do the music video for “Bad”, Prince was not a fan of the lyrics that would put over the idea that the “Gloved One” would own him. Prince was always aware in protecting his brand and he showed disdain at Michael Jackson’s concept to the point he thought it was corny.

He was once interviewed by Chris Rock and he explained that he never saw anyone as his contemporary, much less than Michael Jackson. He revealed the character that Wesley Snipes played in “Bad” was originally slated to be portrayed by him.

Unfortunately, the rivalry between Michael Jackson and Prince during their hey day didn’t allow fans across the world to see the two geniuses come together to create a monster hit. Michael Jackson’s music video went on to do huge numbers and ignited the “Bad” album to have the most #1 hits from an album. It also launched the career of Wesley Snipes who would be one of the biggest actors in the 1980’s and 1990’s in such movies as such as “Sugar Hill”.