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#OldSchoolSaturday – Nicki Minaj vs Lil’ Kim

nicki vs kim

(WWETV Network) This is Venom once again giving you a trip down memory lane on another #OldSchoolSaturday article. Queen Radio was the #1 trending topic on Friday evening due to the guests on Nicki Minaj’s program. Deb Antney, who was there at the beginning of the career of Nicki Minaj gives her views on why Nicki Minaj may be a bit aggressive and bossy with her ways.

I remember the times when you [Nicki] were in the room with Lil Kim and she walked away from you!

Deb Antney

The beef with Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj is one of the greatest in hip hop history and unlike any other in female rap. The issue stems from these two New York rappers clashing at the start and one of the hip hop artists feeling slighted by the other.

Charlamagne and The Breakfast Club had an interview with the icon, Lil Kim, and the platform got down to the issue with Nicki Minaj. She broke down the beef and why she had the animosity towards the leader of the Barbz. Lil Kim felt that Nicki took her blueprint and failed to give her any props for setting the path.

In the interview above, Lil Kim, mentions a video that tells the detailed history of the beef. You can check out the video below and judge for yourself on the narrative. Part 2 of the video has been removed by the Youtube platform however.

The debate of who won the battle between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim has been going on for years between critics, fans of hip hop, and each rapper’s fan base. Check out the video below with their analysis. What’s your thoughts on it?

Lil Kim made a truce last year summer by stating she wished Nicki Minaj all the best and she said that she’s done feuding with her. It will b interesting now to see if Lil Kim will respond to what Deb Antney.