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#OldSchoolSaturday Tupac & Jasmine Guy Were More Than Friends?

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(#OldSchoolSaturday) Tupac Shakur was known to be a player and lady’s man with women of all walks of life. He was once dating even Madonna, but called it off after he went to prison. Shakur was also famously known for being really close friends with the women of Hollywood. Jada Pinkett Smith is the most well known female friendship he had, but for years many have speculated that perhaps they were more than just friends.

The wife of Will Smith has gone on record to state her and Tupac’s relationship was strictly platonic even though in recent times sexy photos have appeared online that Jada had sent to Shakur during his incarceration. Nonetheless, we know they were really tight with each other to the point where Jada Pinkett-Smith was instrumental in orchestrating Shakur to appear on her 90’s show “A Different World”.

You can watch of this episode on the actor Jake Carpenter’s YouTube Channel. Carpenter acted on the show once that dealt with the issue of racism among college students on the episode entitled “Cat’s in the Cradle”.

It has been revealed in recent times that the star of the show Jasmine Guy aka Whitley Gilbert was a friend of Tupac. She gave him cover while he recovered from his wounds after the Quad Studio shootings in 1994.

A woman who dated Tupac Shakur named Desiree Smith makes the claim that Shakur and Guy were more than friends. In the interview she also makes claims that Tupac’s friend Stretch tried to talk to her behind 2Pac’s back and more.

The woman also talks about Tupac Shakur hanging out with music icons Bobby Brown and Biggie Smalls who streets have it that he slept with both of their wives. This has been another #OldSchoolSaturday with WWETV writer The Venom