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Omar Epps & Marlon Wayans Reminisce On Tupac’s “Juice” Prank

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During a recent episode of The Daily Show, guest host Marlon Wayans and Omar Epps reminisced about their friendship and shared stories about Tupac, including a prank he played during the filming of the movie Juice. Epps was initially upset, but now finds the incident humorous. The two childhood friends also briefly discussed Epps’ new book.

Tupac’s acting career began with a small role in Dan Akyroid’s 1991 film Nothing But Trouble, but it was his performance in Juice that started to garner attention. Tupac continued to act in several more movies and TV episodes before his untimely death in 1996.

According to Wayans, Tupac was known for pranking his co-stars. One such prank involved placing his testicles near Omar Epps‘ mouth while he was sleeping. Epps admits to being angry at the time, but now finds the incident funny. He also jokes that if it happened today, it would have gone viral.

Marlon started off mimicking Omar sleeping with his mouth open, and he added, “‘Pac was a funny dude. [Omar] was sleeping like this and ‘Pac went and took his balls and put ’em out and put ’em right near Omar’s mouth.”


Tupac was known to be a jokester, always ready to play a prank on anyone at any time. Tupac lost his life to a tragic murder in 1996 and both Marlon Wayans and Omar Epps have spoken about how the incident has affected their life. Overall, the latest revealing above segment was a lighthearted and nostalgic look back at the friendship between Wayans and Epps, as well as their memories of Tupac.


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