Omarion Believes New R & B Artists Lazy For Sampling Old Songs



Diddy was known as the master of the remix for taking old R & B songs and making them into hip hop classics such as Notorious BIG’s “Juicy”, but in recent times R & B artists have been doing the same thing. Hip hop was created off the sample of great music of the past with samples from greats such as James Brown, but Omarion believes for R & B artists the trend is actually lazy.

“I think it’s lazy,” said Omarion during an interview for Joe Budden’s Pull Up show. “It’s already difficult, in my personal opinion, to make a great song greater. So if you’re not making the song greater, then the song is kinda like what it was. I think people forget that they’re sampling a great song and they forget to make it even more great which is difficult to do.”

He added, “I think the sentiment of [creating something familiar] is okay… You can’t stifle yourself by having a song that is already famous. Then it’s like, ‘Well, what happens after that song?’ You still have to create music from scratch… ‘You gotta work on your sh*t’ is basically what I’m trying to say. Perfect your art. Continue to grow in your skill.”

Omarion did make mention that he was featured on Bow Wow’s 2005 song “Let Me Hold You”. A song which sampled Luther Vandross’s classic “If Only for One Night” cover from 1985. Omarion noted that scenario is different than artists trying to recreate singles due to the Vandross version not have a singer and a rapper.