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On This Day – Afeni Shakur Black Panthers Letter From Jail


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Tupac’s voice is being heard throughout the uprising around the world for anti-racism and police injustice against Africans worldwide. His classic song “Changes” is being considered by many as the official anthem for the Black Lives Matter protests for George Floyd who lost his life during an altercation with Minneapolis police.

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The mother of Tupac, was also a very strong force in American history with her affiliation with the Black Panthers. On the official twitter account for Shakur, a letter that Afeni wrote has been posted.


In April 1968, Afeni Shakur was arrested with her then husband Lumumba Shakur at their apartment in Harlem on charges of conspiring with other Black Panther members to carry out bombings in New York.

With bail set at $100,000 each for the 21 suspects, the Black Panthers decided to raise bail money first for Joseph and Shakur so that those two could work on raising bail for the others.

Shakur had been effective in raising bail funds for jailed Panthers. The pre-trial started in February 1970 and the actual trial on September 8, 1970. Charges brought against her and the other members of the Black Panther Party were attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to bomb buildings and conspiracy.

On June 7th in Atlanta, the New Black Panthers were spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest. There was also an official announcement of the group.