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Online Debate Over Diddy & Misa Hylton Bron Continues…

(WWETV Network) The LifeTime Network documentary Surviving R. Kelly has now seemed to put a bulls eye on the urban entertainment industry and its celebrities. Worldwide Entertainment TV was contacted over the weekend by a source who claims that Diddy got his first baby mother pregnant at the tender age of 16. 

This post made on the main IG account of WWETV stirred up a hornet’s nest because it shocked some people and also brought a lot of defenders of Diddy and Mysa. The actual first comment which is now removed stated the information was incorrect and the comment came from an actual journalist from another media platform. What we gather is that she probably went to verify the scenario and saw that it was actually a possibility. When you do a quick google search you get these results showing Misa Hylton Brom was born January 6th, 1977.

There is an article on the website drea.com that states her history which includes the January 6th, 1977 birthdate. https://www.dreshare.com/misa-hylton-brim/

However, in other search queries you will see conflicting birthdates. On Famous Birthdays she is listed as being born in 1974. 

Now WWETV caught heat on Instagram for the post by some people who starting to dm the account. Now to clear the air we did have contact with someone who worked at BadBoy who didn’t deny the rumor, but he also didn’t confirm it. We also had a source claiming to be a family member saying that Misa Hylton is definitely the age of 42. Then we got wind of a person who claims they went to high school with her and says that she is shaving off years of her age and that she was indeed born in 1973 or 1974. We were then pointed to an old Instagram post from 2016 where she was proclaiming her 42nd birthday.

Now with all the different stories going on we haven’t been able to come to a confirmed conclusion although some people may say her post above should be confirmation enough. The problem with the above post in our view is that we have sources close to her which don’t all agree with her age presented online. Then there was this post by Baller Alert where she came out and made a comment about the rumors.

Misa Hylton confronted a fan and stated that she had too much time on her hands in terms of speaking about the rumor. Well an answer stating the truth would have easily quenched this heat online over this situation, but we’re back to square one again on what is actually the truth. We’ll just have to wait until Diddy or Misa clear this issue themselves, but in honesty this is their business.

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