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Oprah Winfrey Allegedly Trying To Sabotage Michael Jackson Biopic

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Born in 1958, Jackson rose to fame as a member of the Jackson 5 and went on to become a solo artist in the 1970s and 1980s and a source claims Oprah is trying to block his biopic.

According to Andy Signore of Popcorned Planet, who has sources such as Taj Jackson from the Jackson family, states a rumor of Oprah Winfrey trying to sabotage the biopic. The reason supposedly is due to some of the material may oppose the sit down interview she did about “Leaving Neverland” a few years ago.

It is well known that Oprah Winfrey had one of career defining interviews when Michael Jackson invited her into his home in 1992. She was a lifelong fan who also interviewed his children after his untimely passing in 2009.


The allegations surrounding Michael Jackson in the 90s is widely documented, but the King Of Pop was found not guilty by a court of law in the early 2000s. The topic was once again a hot take when Oprah interviewed in 2019.

Oprah Winfrey says she was subjected to extreme backlash after joining the Michael Jackson debate following the “Leaving Neverland” documentary.

LA County Superior Court Judge Mark A Young in 2021 held that Jackson’s companies had “no legal ability” to control his behaviour because he was the sole owner, and could “remove any and all of the board members without cause or notice”.

Robson and Safechuck claim they were abused by the singer in the late 1980s and early 1990s while staying at his Neverland ranch.


Jackson’s family have denied the claims made against the singer, who died in 2009, and have called the Leaving Neverland documentary a “public lynching”.

His nephew Taj was pleased with the decision, saying his family had “stood strong and never wavered” despite being “ridiculed, vilified and marginalised”.

king of pop

 Michael Jackson is widely regarded as one of the greatest performers of all time and has sold hundreds of millions of records worldwide. His nephew Jaafar Jackson has been awarded the opportunity to play one of the famous persons in the history of the world.

Jackson was known for his unique style, which combined his exceptional dance moves, music, and elaborate costumes. He is credited with popularizing the moonwalk dance move, which has since become a staple of pop culture. He was also an innovative musician and a skilled producer, who wrote and produced many of his own songs.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Jackson was also known for his philanthropy and activism. He used his fame and fortune to bring attention to a variety of important social and political issues, and he was an outspoken advocate for children’s rights.


Despite his many achievements and contributions to popular culture, Jackson’s legacy is also marred by allegations of child sexual abuse. Jackson vehemently denied the allegations, but they have continued to be a source of controversy and speculation.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson remains one of the most fascinating and important figures in the world of music and entertainment. His talent, creativity, and impact on popular culture are undeniable, and his legacy continues to be felt today.