Oprah Winfrey Reps The Raptors


Many Americans have fallen in love with Toronto’s basketball team of The Raptors. The WWE gave the Raptors their custom made WWE Championship. The underdog team that many wanted to overcome the dynasty of the Golden State Warriors saw their dreams come true on June 13th.

Drake has also been partying all weekend with the likes of Kawhi Leonard and the city has a parade planned today (June 17). Oprah Winfrey is the latest celebrity to join the long line of Raptors supporters. She took to Instagram to show off her Raptors clothing given to her by the organization.

Everyone says Canadians are kind and that was proven especially true in Montréal tonight. Thank you for giving me your Sunday night, I loved being with you. Enjoy the Toronto @raptors parade tomorrow! #PathMadeClear


It was a goodwill gesture provided by The Raptors. There were plans to bring the famed TV host and inspirational speaker to Toronto on Friday June 14th, but it was scrapped because of the Raptors.