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Original Aunt Viv Explains Ending Feud With Will Smith:”Black Women Are Often Vilified As Difficult”

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fresh prince of bel air

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. The show was groundbreaking by having a hip hop artist be the center of the programming.The fan friendly rapper, Fresh Prince aka Will Smith, was the perfect artist to star on a show for a mainstream audience as hip hop was rising into pop culture consciousness.

It saw the nephew of “Aunt Viv” leaving his crime riddled city of Philadelphia to live in Bel Air. The family consisted of “Uncle Phil”, “Hilary”, and “Carlton”. The Banks became household names and fan favorites with television viewers.

The show would have tremendous success, but it did have its issues. The original “Aunt Viv” played by Janet Louis Hubert, got into financial dispute with the producers and eventually with the star of the show Will Smith. A new “Aunt Viv” came into replace Hubert played by Daphne Maxwell Reid for the final three seasons.

The popularity of the series continues til this day as Will Smith recently announced the show being re-imagined as a serious drama. The new concept will be entitled “Bel Air”.

Before that program airs however, Will Smith got the band back together. Airing on HBO Max would be a “for real Banks Family Reunion” according to Smith as the original cast comes together once again.

The big reveal for the reunion was seeing Will Smith pictured with the original “Aunt Viv”. Shocked fans were loving the site of seeing the two actors putting their differences behind for the historic reunion.

The “Comedy Hype” outlet does a recap of the announcement and gives details on Janet Hubert ending her beef with Will Smith. Hubert stated, “So September comes after August…it’s the 30th anniversary of a “Fresh Prince””. The actress continues saying “And they want to start a war. Well here is my challenge. We can either keep this war going for another 20 years, but I’m not going to”.

She explained that she wanted a meeting, “Or you can sit down with me and talk to me Mr. Will Smith then let’s do it”. Check out the video below.