Outlaw Says 2Pac Wouldn’t Agree With Gay Clothing Line

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Napoleon of The Outlawz says Tupac Shakur would’ve never agreed with the 2Pac Estate coming out with a gay pride clothing line.

The estate of Tupac Shakur released a clothing in celebration of “Pride Month”. This business move didn’t sit well with a good amount of listeners who followed Tupac during his career. Their stance believed Tupac did not approve of the lifestyle and thus would never want his brand associated with LGBTQ.

The hey day of Tupac Shakur was a different time period when there wasn’t social media and cancel culture of celebrities. Perhaps is past statements against the lifestyle may have put him into hot water for comments such as “I just can’t turn my love off for a Woman. even if they send me to jail & really DO piss me off, i just CANT love a man. i still love Woman. i still get excited when they enter the room & erything. All i can offer is MY lifestyle.”

Recently one of Shakur’s rap rivals in Diddy from his era congratulated the controversial Lil’ Nas X for his live performance at the BET AWARDS 2020 as “fearless” where he showed his pride and sexuality by kissing a man live on air.

Although, Tupac Shakur is no longer alive, his entourage that ran with him is still living. The Outlawz created music with Shakur and spent a lot of time around the legendary artist.

Napoleon who was hand chosen by Tupac to be apart of “The Outlawz” spoke about the new clothing line and gave some insightful information about what he feels would be Tupac’s reaction today to a company endorsing his name for “Pride” month.

As explained in the interview above with “Art Of Dialogue”, Napoleon stated Tupac Shakur was a person who lived and let live. He would not have gone on to bash the LGBTQ community, but he would not approve of the direction of the handlers of his brand.