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Paris Richards Calls Out Toronto Hip Hop Blogs As Toxic Men

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The Toronto hip hop scene goes back decades with its first major rap star being Michie Mee, but female rapper Paris Richards states male bias decades later in the scene.

The world knows Toronto for its male dominance on the music charts with the likes of Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd. There was a time when Toronto rappers were looking for respect from their American counterparts. People who have been avid listeners of the artists from decades ago will remember rap albums entitled “Nah Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada,” by the godfather of Canadian hip hop, Maestro Fresh Wes. It illustrated the struggle Canadians had in trying to make a mark in the States just a tad few years after Michie Mee broke ground with her “Jamaican Funk” album.


She was known for taking on all comers by battling emcees when they would arrive in Toronto halls. A few years later, Tory Lanez would follow suit when he challenged any American rapper that believed was a better hip hop artist.

Toronto always seem to have issues internally however, as hip hop lovers in the 90’s and 00’s termed the phrase “Screwface Capital” for its city. The nickname was in ode to the hate the city would give its own rappers trying to make it out big. This all changed when Drake entered the scene and drastically turned the trajectory of hip hop onto his own city. The success of Drizzy caused many others to have more of a positive outlook on being a rapper out of Canada.

Soon, Toronto would encounter its own hub of media for hip hop, something that was not possible before the rise of social media. Here we are today, as the city has come full circle back to some artists believing the city is hating on its own. Is it ironic that it was a female artist that has called out the hip hop media in the city?


Toronto’s Brooklyn took offense to some of the comments made by Paris Richards because she has been working in the community and representing women on her shows with WorldWide Entertainment TV. As seen in the video above, Brooklyn respectfully disagrees with Paris’ complaint and asked her to join her for a women to women talk about their city.


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