Parklife Festival Drops DaBaby After Controversial Rant

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Parklife Festival has made the decision to remove the controversial hip hop artist, DaBaby, from the official after his controversial Rolling Loud performance.

It appears the pressure is mounting on DaBaby after his statements that spoke negatively towards the LGBTQ+ community. DaBaby claims that “a substantial amount of people refuse to understand [his] logic” and have decided to do “everything they can” to ensure that he can no longer put food in his kids’ mouths.

Now, after reports of his clothing line with boohooMan getting axed, it appears that DaBaby himself has been dropped from the upcoming Parklife Festival in Manchester, England later this year. The festival has yet to publicly comment on the matter or confirm his removal, but there is a major discrepancy between the festival’s social media accounts and website. On the official website, DaBaby’s name is no longer featured on the festival poster, and when going to the line-up and schedule page, there is no sign of DaBaby anywhere.

Here is the original lineup for Parklife Festival, posted two weeks ago on July 14:


Here is the current lineup for Parklife Festival, which has notably removed DaBaby’s name from the top-right corner: