Pay for Their Presumptions – Empire S5 E2

Cookie and Lucious learn the difficulties of launching an artist without Empire Entertainment’s resources and when they receive two offers that will launch them back into power, they make a surprising decision; Jamal decides to move back to New York.



As Season 5 unfolds we see the Lyons still have issues as they did when they were rich and powerful, but now it shines more without the cover of riches and gold. We see Hakeem’s aftershock of being shot affects his well being as a performer due to him having only half a lung. What is interesting about that is in the life of Tupac Shakur it is said his mother pulled the plug on him because of that very same scenario. It is said that she felt Tupac would not want to live with only a half lung due to how outspoken he was about life. It is interesting to see Empire take this approach with Hakeem living to this problematic situation which we saw take its toll on him during a performance with his girlfriend on stage.

The Lyons

The Lyons are in the state of being 2 years removed from losing their company to Eddie Barker. The couple are shown unable to pay their maid for weeks and selling their most coveted gifts, while living in heat filled room without access to any air conditioning. 

There seems to be hope when Cookie discovers a young talent, but that woman soon departs when hiccups occur as Luscious and Cookie find out they don’t got the power as they use to under the Empire unit.


Andre meets the babyfather of the woman he helped kill which happens to be his own brother. Hakeem lets him know that he is not pleased that his daughter lost her mother although that role is now taken up with his new babymother Tiana.

Andre meanwhile in prison has a heart for a defenseless kid that another inmate calls his princess. It seems this compassion may end up lengthening Andre’s time in prison.

Eddie Barker’s wife seemed to allow himself to die out after an accident with the belief she would replace him in the chain of command at Empire. This was not to be as her little fling she had with someone ended up getting her played. The biggest twist on the show was The Lyons almost heading back to their old Empire stomping grounds until a discussion with one of the executives turned Luscious sour on the whole deal. Luscious Lyon and Cookie Lyon let it be known that although they are broke they are still the tandem that build Empire and they showed their veteran savvy outsmarting the new Empire CEO.

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