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Pepe Le Pew Cut From “Space Jam 2” Due To Rape Culture

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Looney Tunes cartoons although geared towards children, some of its material in the past have been problematic with some racial undertones that today’s society will not accept.

Now another issue concerning one of the characters is being scrutinized by a New York Times columnist who wrote about the history of Pepe Le Pew. The character is a skunk who goes around trying to win the affection of a female cat that he believes is a skunk.

The columnist states Pepe Le Pew is pushing rape culture as he never takes no for an answer. Social media has reacted with mixed reactions, but it has got enough bad press to warrant the creators of Space Jam’s latest movie to remove the character.

According to Deadline, Pepe Le Pew will no longer be in the film. There was one scene in particular that directors felt crossed the line, especially in light of the discourse surrounding the charcter. This scene saw Pepe Le Pew acting as a bartender, all while hitting on actress Greice Santo. Eventually, Santo hits Pepe Le Pew over the head after he continuously tries to kiss her. Considering what has been written about Pepe Le Pew this past week, it’s easy to see why the movie would want to remove such a scene, just to be on the safe side.

The movie is scheduled to be released in July which stars NBA star Lebron James.