The dissent between people who are advocating for COVID-19 vaccinations and rallying against them has somehow become inherently political in the United States. As more private business entities like Live Nation have officially announced that they will be requiring both touring artists and concert attendees to be fully vaccinated or present a negative COVID-19 test, the debate about widespread vaccination continues.

On Saturday, droves of people even took to Los Angeles to protest against mandatory vaccinations, but rather than peaceful chants or marches, things to a turn for the worse as the demonstration grew violent and erupted into a bloody brawl.

According to TMZ, anti-vaxxers faced off against counter-protesters who were present, with both sides throwing blows during the publicized “Choose Freedom March.” What’s even more troubling is that one of the people present, whose political stance on vaccinations has not been revealed, was reportedly stabbed during the violent altercation, and according to TMZ, the person stabbed is currently hospitalized in serious condition.

There were a few journalists from various outlets on-site for the protest, and as a result, photos and footage of the brawl were able to be captured. In addition to the photo featured above, there is also video footage of the chaotic violence as well. Be warned that the video features blood and an alleged stabbing, so your discretion is advised. If you wish to proceed, see it for yourself below.