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Peter Gunz Announced As “Cheaters” Host & Hilarity Ensues Online

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Peter Gunz had a hit song in the 1990’s and was known for the song “Deja Vu” with his rap partner Lord Tariq. He has been known as a notorious cheater in recent years though due to revealing all on the VH1 series, Love and Hip Hop New York, for his extramarital affairs.

Another show that tackles the topic of infidelity is “Cheaters”. The controversial shock-style show delivers segments where people who suspect that their significant other is carrying on an affair. The episodes end up having all kind of crazy moments that break out.

Thus, Peter Gunz being named the host of the popular television series, “Cheaters”, it became the brunt of jokes online. Gunz drama on Love and Hip Hop New York included his 13-year relationship with Tara Wallace ending abruptly after she found out he’d married his client, a singer named Amina Buddafly. The love triangle had millions of people watching weekly to see how their “entanglement” would play out.

As time went on, the more chaotic things got as Peter would impregnate both women with more children. At one point, he had the two ladies pregnant at the same time. Last year, Tara revealed that she, Peter, and Amina are all in a better place these days, and it looks like Peter is no longer cheating, but exposing cheaters, instead.

Viewers have taken to the irony as pure comedy with “Cheaters” announcing the infamous cheater himself as a host. Check out some of the reactions below.