Police Misconduct In Jussie Smollett Case?

jussie smollett

The saga with Empire star Jussie Smollett continues as an internal investigation has been launched. The information that has been leaked to the media has caused the police force to look further into why the info was released. They are trying to see if there are any vulnerabilities within their system.

A rep for the Chicago PD told TMZ the Chief Of Detectives opened an investigation to discover who has been leaking info to the public. The Chicago PD admits “inaccurate” information has been roaming in the media concerning Smollett’s case. The plan is to find out who was behind the misinformation.

The lawyer for Jussie Smollett is Mark Geragos and he believes the information was leaked to ruin the character of the Empire actor.

“I think the cooperation of Smollett is precisely why they have these two [suspects]. I haven’t seen anything except leaks according to law enforcement sources. To me, that screams out somebody that’s trying to manipulate something.”

Mark Geragos – CNN