Social Media Reacts To Police For Arresting Teen For Riding Bike

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‘Riding Bikes While Black’??

Police officers in Perth Amboy, New Jersey were seen on social media appearing to harass a small group of Black teens who were riding their bikes through town in a video that went viral. Perth Amboy has a law requiring a bicycle “license tag” but the teens say they live in Edison, and were just riding home.

At one point six police cars were involved. The officers ordered the teens off the bikes, confiscated at least one, and arrested one teen who was arguing they shouldn’t have to give up their bikes.

Police station footage sees an officer explain to the teen he was lucky to get his bike back, asking if he had the purchase receipt for the bike, and if it is registered with them. The officer also says the teens were told “to stay on the sidewalk,” but they were also told to stay on the road and ride with traffic. She says they did all this for their safety.

Check out social media reactions to the incident below.

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