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Pooh Shiesty Double Shooting Allegedly Caught On Tape

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In October of last year, Pooh Sheisty was allegedly in a crime involving drugs and sneakers just about the time he was newly signed to his label. Shiesty was arrested on charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, and theft in connection to the incident.

Now in January of this year 7 NEWS MIAMI is reporting , surveillance footage from Bay Harbor Islands condominium parking lot, where the event took place, has been released. WSVN has obtained the footage (below), showing a McLaren, a Maybach and another Mercedes pulling into the parking lot. Almost moments after the men leave their vehicles to meet up, two men begin firing, and the men quickly spread out and get back into their cars.

Pooh Shiesty was reportedly in the McLaren, according to WSVN. The McLaren and Maybach quickly pull out of the parking lot, with the other Mercedes leaving shortly after with one of the injured men.

The story remains that the shooting occurred after the men were attempting to sell marijuana and sneakers.

Pooh Shiesty was released on a $30,000 bond following his arrest. The police have reportedly been using some of his Instagram photos as evidence in their case, while Shiesty’s present-day Instagram account remains quite sparse in response. Shiesty has a hearing scheduled for today, January 26 2021.

Check out the video clip below.