Pooh Shiesty is currently fighting a case that could land him in prison for life. The rapper allegedly shot a man by the name of Brandon Cooper in the butt, and now, Shiesty will have to fight the case with as much energy as possible. Many have weighed in on the merits of the case, although the fact remains that Shiesty is in a lot of potential trouble.As for Cooper, he was indicted this past week for his alleged involvement in a Miami bank fraud scheme, according to the Miami Herald. An Instagram model named Ana Figueroa, as well as John Anthony Perez, Rene Ripes III, Carlo Luvara Escobar, Clifton Taylor, Edwin Castillo, and Christopher Salermo were all indicted for the exact same thing.

ll eight suspects have been hit with some very serious charges, including bank fraud conspiracy, money laundering, and identity theft. Homeland Security had been monitoring the situation for a whole, and according to reporters, the alleged suspects were forging checks, depositing them, and then cashing out quickly to avoid suspicion. Eventually, some people began to catch on that their bank accounts were being used for the scheme, which then led to an investigation.

It is being reported that tens of thousands of dollars were stolen here. For now, the case remains fresh which means there is still a lot that needs to be figured out