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It was another critically acclaimed season for Power Book II Ghost Season 2. There was a lot of great moments and we recap all of the major plot points from each episode.


The most pivotal moment of the episode was seeing Cane’s new connect. He would be known as Mecca in the streets, but to Monet Tejada, he was her teenage love interest Dante.


Tariq loses contact with his mother Tasha. The St. Patrick family is torn apart as the burner phone gets burned up by Tariq. Tariq experienced a nightmare. It was reminiscent to the time he had to burn his shirt in the furnace and Kanan (50 Cent) appeared to remind him sometimes you got to severe ties and not be afraid to do so.

Tariq would also lose his sister to the system as he finds out she is put into foster care.  Grandma Estelle started hitting the bottle again after pressure of knowing she could lose her family again.


The rise of the rich kid, Brayden, as a criminal is a moment that changes the lives of characters on the show in the following episodes. He teams up with Cane, but hides this bit of information from Tariq. That scenario comes back to bite him.


In the third episode a shocker is revealed as Zeke is the son of Monet Tejada. She kept the facade of being his aunty, but the twist is Mecca aka Dante is his father. This scenario would turn the whole Tejada family upside down later in the series.


Half way through season 2, the Tejadas are once again a family when Lorenzo comes home. Diana assisted in her father’s return from prison by working with high powered lawyers in Saxe and Davis.

The tension between Diana and Monet really gets sparked in this moment. Lorenzo takes over and tells his wife she can now retire from the drug game.


Tariq gets arrested and is set up by Cane Tejada. In a plot to save himself, Cane plants the badge of the officer he murdered in the dorm room of Brayden and Tariq. As mentioned earlier Brayden and Cane became a team that would dig up the body of the dead cop to bury evidence.

Tariq is left puzzled on how he has been put into this predicament. While he meditates in a jail cell, he sees Kanan once again. The ghost of Kanan tells him to look deeper into recent developments to understand the mastermind behind it.


Professor Carrie’s manipulation gets Tariq’s girlfriend, Lauren, into the crossfire. She now has tension with Tariq due to him finding out about her wire tap. The problems would only increase for these two women.


Comically known on social media as the “Dirty Diana” episode, she revealed to the family that Zeke was her brother and the son of Monet. Chaos ensued as Lorenzo kicked out his wife and Zeke is concerned about being exposed for age fraud in the NCAA.

Monet would end up at the door of Professor Carrie Milgram because she feared Zeke would find comfort in her. She was not willing to take the chance of losing him for good with his ex lover. The episode ends when Zeke discovers Milgram apparently hung herself.


The fate of Tariq’s ex-girlfriend is the main story of this episode. Brayden gets threatened by Cane over finding out Lauren had a wire at the dorm. He informed him that either he does the deed of killing her or he gets killed by him.

Effie gets herself tangled in the web due to her jealousy of Tariq’s love for Lauren. The episode ends when we see Effie taking matters into her own hands. We are left wondering if she is the murderer of Lauren.


The season finale did not disappoint. The Tejada family was already twisted, but things got deadly as Lorenzo appeared to accidentally kill Monet’s first born son. Zeke is no longer alive and saw the same fate as his father.

Monet pulled the trigger on her baby father. The show ended on a happy note as we see Tasha back together with her daughter. Tariq makes a promise to her that he will be back with them sooner than later. Check out the video above from WorldWide Entertainment TV Youtube Channel.